Bespoke UI/UX Design.

Every brand & product demands its own tailored strategy (and each customer is more than just a persona).

We devise, design, and deploy creative solutions that deliver long-term impact and value.

What We Do

We work with Fortune 50 companies and start-ups to craft intuitive and visually-rich experiences for their web applications, software, and mobile systems—resulting in award-winning creative campaigns for brands such as Intuit, Cisco, Apple, and HP.

Our creative process includes iterative design, interactive prototypes and user testing to meet the brand, marketing, and development goals for our clients. We are there to support, extend, and enhance their brand vision—or help them develop one.

Our primary mission is to create a zero-friction experience between a user’s expectations and a company’s end goal and marketing strategy. This process is data informed, using prototypes to test and validate the final design concepts with a company’s target audience.

Our Work

SemiBig Creative Industries specializes in User Interface and Experience Design for interactive media. We build application interfaces, websites, and branding strategies that support and extend each client’s business strategy and goals. Our working process follows funnels, conversions and churn rates to validate and improve each product’s adoption rate and ROI.



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